At Oregrown, we strive to elevate our communities, through cannabis education, consumer consciousness and innovation.

Education Through Experience.

We believe that in order for Cannabis to achieve the respect it deserves, it is our duty to help educate our consumers, our opposition and ourselves. In doing so we raise the bar on what is conventionally thought of when the topic of Cannabis is discussed.

Crafting Quality Products.

Our goal is to create products that represent the cannabis plant in its truest form. By focusing on producing the most pure, clean products possible, we are able to drive innovation with new technology, consumer feedback, and the desire to accomplish perfection.

A Conscious Footprint.

As a corporation operating on the soil of this planet, it is our responsibility to treat the environment with respect. Our love for the outdoors is a shining light in our operations, we take pride in preserving the land we are fortunate enough to enjoy. By focusing on organic practices, we are able to take a conscious stance to continually minimizing our impact on the environment.

Elevating The Culture.

Oregrown is a place of inclusiveness, we welcome our community with open arms, and recognize that people are our greatest resource for inspiration, creativity, and passion.