Oregrown Sauce

The centerpiece of our many high-quality, pristine, signature products.

Immaculate Taste. Perfect Hit. Every Time.

A far more natural high that is true to the strain. Light years ahead of the rest of the distillate and C02 cartridges available on the market. An entirely new experience.

Terpene Rich Extract

Years of research and development have led to our proprietary extraction processes, which truly preserve the rich and robust terpenes of every strain that we extract. There is truly nothing else like this on the market.

Robust Cannabinoids

Oregrown Sauce is a product that consistently tests with incredibly robust cannabinoid counts. We are able to achieve amazing numbers with molecular isolation in bringing out individual cannabinoids such as CBGA, CBD, CBDVA, THCVA, and more.

Research & Development

Our expert teams have put in years of research and development, constantly refining and iterating our processes to create the most immaculate concentrates and extractions possible.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers and Patients?

What this means for our patients and customers, is access to the purest, cleanest and most delectable concentrate. One that removes all of the unwanted parts of the plant... While retaining the highly desirable and sought after true, original terpenes, aromatics and flavor profiles that we all know and love.

The Perfect Hit. Every Time.

Get the most character and best experience possible, hit after hit, every single time.

Available Statewide

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