Hurricane Florence Pet Donations: Helping to Save More Animals

By. Oregrown   |  
Oregrown's love for animals across the world is unwavering. From our ongoing donations and partnership with our local Humane Society to the Charitable Nya Fund that we have launched focusing on senior dog fees and subsidizing adoption costs, there is a lot we can all do to help animals in need. We feel a deep responsibility to use our voice and platform to reach as many people as possible who can help.
After witnessing the destruction of Hurricane Florence and seeing how many animals are left behind, we’ve chosen to assist. Groups like the Charleston Animal Society literally "sent a team to Myrtle Beach on September 11, 2018, to evacuate 42 dogs out of harm’s way." And, their work continues. 
Let’s help them. 
Over the next ten days, Oregrown will be accepting donations at our retail storefront in Bend, Oregon, as well as donating a portion of all proceeds directly to the Charleston Animal Society
Please take a moment and ask our team members how you can help.

Direct donations to the Charleston Animal Society can be made here: https://www.charlestonanimalsociety.org/donate