Will Dennis

The first time I stepped on a snowboard was at age eight. I was instantly hooked and was lucky to have a family who was into the snow as well. We lived four hours from the nearest resort of Mt. Shasta, CA and would go snowboarding a couple times a season. After a move to Bend, OR in 2004 I began to ride Mt. Bachelor often. Going to high school and college in Bend allowed me to make friends and connections in snowboarding. In college I became interested in backcountry snowboarding and built a few DIY splitboards to access backcountry zones around Central Oregon.

A few years ago I was introduced to James Nicol and Ryan Holmes, the founders of a local snowboard and ski manufacturer in Bend, OR. SnoPlanks are made almost entirely of bamboo and are surf inspired in form as well as function. James and Ryan, being the awesome guys that they are, allowed me to represent their brand as a team rider which eventually turned into a job at the company as a board builder. 

Recently I have been focusing on building, testing, and improving the boards that I help build and getting creative with new board shapes. In the future I look forward to building out my van to go explore new zones, and surfing this summer!