Teddy Schein

Professional Snowboarder

Teddy Schein


Teddy Schein was born in Colorado and raised across the West, in Arizona, Mexico and southern Oregon. Since high school, he has dedicated his life to snowboarding, skating, climbing and surfing.

“Getting outside and enjoying the places less traveled is what inspires me,” Teddy says. “Snowmobiling, splitboarding and hiking to gain access to big mountains and deep wilderness provides the deepest joy for me.”

When the snow is bad, or a big storm hits the cities, he heads out to jib rails.

Teddy plans to spend this summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, cooking food for the campers and getting out to rip his snowboard and skate whenever he can. In September, he’ll head to Baja in his camper to catch waves and climb rocks.

“I have found cannabis to be a great medicine for many things,” Teddy says. “I am honored and proud to be part of the Oregrown family.”
  Teddy Schein