Ryan Palo

Ryan Palo began climbing in 2002, while he was in college.

“I was hooked from the first time I tied in,” Ryan says. “I remember thinking I'd like to work somewhere boring, like a bank.”

All that changed when he visited Smith Rock State Park.

"It really opened my mind to what's out there, and it clarified what’s important to me in life.”

Now a fixture at Smith, Ryan has numerous 5.14 first ascents. He can be found there on any given day, hanging from one of Smith’s famed golden crimps. He's also a big fan of steep limestone and large swaths of granite.

In the process of climbing and training, Ryan been hurt and laid up many times. He says medicinal cannabis is a big help with pain relief.
“I’m a huge proponent of CBD-dominant strains,” Ryan says. “They help me through long rehab sessions without sapping my motivation. Recreational cannabis, meanwhile, is always welcome at my post-send/safe return celebrations.”