Marissa Krawczak

Marissa Krawczak learned to ride at a small resort called Nub's Nob in her home state of Michigan. Today, Bend is the base camp for long missions to ride into the mountains and backcountry terrain, where she likes observing weather patterns, planning routes and exploring all the factors the mountains serve up. Marissa says splitboarding is a meditative, challenging and rewarding endeavor she looks forward to riding more couloirs and big mountain lines in the future. She also enjoys mountain biking, and she’s training to earn a license to fly a fixed wing.” Im pretty reserved in day to day life,” Marissa says.  “I like to spend my energy getting after it!”

For Marissa, there is no greater feeling than being outside amongst the mountains and trees. She grew up cross country skiing and ice skating on the lake in her Michigan backyard. These days, her backyard consists of mountains in the wilderness all over North America. Marissas snowboard and splitboard take her to new and unexpected places every storm and season. She enjoys the weather, no matter what it brings and doesn’t mind putting in some solid work to make some turns, pop off some pillows or just point it down the mountain! Though, nothing beats the limitless freedom of a snowy landscape, she stays balanced with healthy doses of studying as yogis do, cruising a skate and ripping around on a bike.

This season, Marissa will be starting her winter in Central Oregon and then traveling onward from there. Marissa wants to expand and hone her skills as a mountaineer and plans on a few winter camping overnighters. All in all, she plans to stay flexible with the weather and to shred what she's been given with where she is at.