Kyle Jameson

A professional free rider mountain bike athlete since 18, Kyle Jameson has turned a lifetime love for the wheels into a career that includes competing, filming, building jumps and trails for movies, and coaching.

"My main goal is to promote a good time and show that wherever I'm riding, I'm having fun on the bikes," Kyle says.

Kyle has competed in Rampage qualifiers in 2014 and 2015 and has taken home three awards in FEST Series events. He has appeared in film segments in Kranked8 and DeathGrip, and he is a host for FEST Series events.

"Oregrown, to me, is even bigger than the smoke. It's the lifestyle, the promotion of the plant that is so helpful for healing and healthy living," Kyle says. "As an athlete, I see sore muscles on the daily. I used to use ibuprofen for everything. But THC and CBD topical creams have taken prescription and over-the-counter drugs out of my life and helped me heal up so I'm ready to rock and roll the next day.