Executive Team

Aviv Hadar | CEO

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aviv Hadar is co-founder and CEO of Oregrown Industries. He has a diverse background in digital communication, computer science and organizational management. Transitioning over from the tech sector, he is primarily responsible for maintaining the enterprise, brand and the company's overall marketshare and industry footprint. Aviv contributes to and oversees most divisions within the organization. Oregrown has been voted Best Dispensary in all of Central Oregon each of its five years in business including Best Place to Work in 2017 by The Source Weekly and was crowned Startup of the Year 2017 by the Bend Chamber of Commerce. Hadar is also a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA), a member of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Rules Advisory Committee, a Leafly Technical Advisory Board Member, a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), and the first person in Oregon State history to testify to the OLCC on behalf of Oregon’s cannabis legalization measure in 2015—the same year Hadar was awarded the inaugural High Times Political Trailblazer Award. Aviv, Kevin and Hunter all went to high school together and have known each other for roughly twenty years. He met Christina while attending the University of Montana and the two have been together for thirteen years and married for five.


Christina Hadar | Chief Brand Officer


Christina Hadar is co-founder and CBO of Oregrown Industries. Drawing from a background in business, with a finance degree from the University of Montana, the Portland, Oregon, native designed Oregrown’s award-winning flagship and forthcoming Portland store (opening Winter 2019)—from wholesale and retail operations to the customer experience. Hadar’s retail and business development expertise also saw the creation of the company’s lifestyle and marketing divisions where today teams of prominent artists, developers, ambassadors, and specialized vendors innovate on driving Oregrown’s message to the marketplace. Overseeing Oregrown Industries’ 60+ employees and expansion, Hadar fosters the organization’s financial and operational growth while shepherding the brand from the shadows of prohibition. She met Aviv while attending the University of Montana and the two have been together for thirteen years and married for five.


Kevin Hogan | President

Co-Founder and President

Kevin Hogan is co-founder and President of Oregrown Industries. With a diverse background in real-estate and business development, he is in charge of maintaining company operations, critical sales and manufacturing relationships, as well as overseeing manufacturing, processing and production efficiencies. After spending over a decade in Arizona building a commercial real estate company, The Hogan Group, he went on to co-found Oregrown. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about entrepreneurship, industrial development and real-world business acumen, Kevin has applied a tremendous amount of of tangible knowledge in his role with Oregrown. As Oregrown’s President, Kevin oversees critical contractual relationships, real estate acquisitions and leasing, manufacturing, production, sales and operations. Kevin, Aviv and Hunter all went to high school together and have known each other for roughly twenty years.


Hunter Neubauer | Chairman

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Hunter Neubauer is co-founder and Chairman of Oregrown Industries. He has a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. He got his start selling medical devices and surgical instruments and implants, working with surgeons in the operating room. Taking the strong business development he learned in the medical field to the cannabis industry, Hunter is co-owner of Oregon based cannabis company Oregrown where he serves as chairman of the board. He is a board member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce as well as the Oregon Cannabis Association, and is also chairman of the OCA's legislative committee, advocating for reasonable rules and regulations for the legal cannabis industry. Hunter has a diverse background in building and maintaining regional sales territories. Transitioning over from running a large medical territory for a global medical company, he is primarily responsible for the wholesale and distribution side of the business, as well as maintaining critical sales relationships and political positioning for the organization. Hunter, Aviv and Kevin all went to high school together and have known each other for roughly twenty years.


Executives & Management

Aaron pugh

VP of Retail

Aaron Elston is Vice President of Retail at Oregrown. Aaron oversees Oregrown’s day-to-day retail operations to ensure all stores are operating at their highest potential. Aaron maintains retail SOPs including training all employees in accordance with Oregrown's policy and procedures, much of which he’s helped develop. He also performs administrative functions related to insurance, point of sale, compliance, and security. Previously, Aaron served as General Manager at Oregrown where he helped guide the organization through three out of the last five years Oregrown was awarded "Bend’s Best Dispensary” and the last two years Oregrown was awarded "Bend’s Best Place to Work" by Bend Source. As Oregrown expands its retail footprint across Oregon, Aaron oversees all new staff training and team development while creating and implementing the same sense of culture, family, and pride at the core of Oregrown’s award-winning Bend flagship store. Aaron also loves music and holds an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Music from South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. He’s studied multiple professional development courses through Central Oregon Community College, including leadership, management, and business, and served as a guitar instructor and director of "Rock U" kids rock bands for five years at Cascade School Of Music. Aaron enjoys coffee, delicious food, traveling to new places, and exploring Central Oregon’s amazing outdoor recreation.

Ashley Cazanas

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley Agee-Cazanas brings with her to Oregrown Industries over 10 years of experience working as a lead creative in the fashion and action sports industry. A native Oregonian, she attended The Art Institute of California - San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising. After working her way up to Senior Graphic Designer for the Women's Marketing Team at a global action sports brand, she returned home to the Northwest to continue achieving her personal and professional goals. Gaining further experience working with and leading design teams for a few Northwest based brands, she has since found her home with Oregrown. Ashley has developed an extensive knowledge of branding and design aesthetic and is in charge of leading the creative team to conceive a variety of captivating and innovative visual pieces ranging from digital and print marketing campaigns to retail design and apparel graphics.

Ryan Daugherty

Director of Procurement

Ryan grew up in Eugene, Oregon with a passion for skiing and enjoying the outdoors. Relocating to Bend in 2013 he has been a part of the Oregrown Army since day one being the first ever medical patient to shop at the Flagship store. He has been part of day to day operations helping pioneer the Flagship into the Recreational market. Ryan possesses diverse knowledge and experience within the cannabis retail industry and is one of the masterminds behind curating the array of products and cannabis flavors that you will find on the menu when shopping at Oregrown.

Erik Nyffeler

VP of Finances

Erik Nyffeler is the Director of Finances at Oregrown, reporting directly to the Chief Financial Officer. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Erik graduated from Marquette University with a double major in Accounting and IT. With over a decade of experience in accounting, Erik has transformed how the organization’s financial department functions. Instilling a deep sense of financial engineering and data reporting, Erik has been responsible for various projects and endeavors that have transformed the way the organization operates. He is further responsible for creating and following protocols surrounding reconciliations, journal entries, and regular bookkeeping and data reporting. Erik’s primary focus is making sure the entire organization stays on track with regard to financial modeling and forecasting. As the primary source of financial data for the entire enterprise, Erik and his team are mission-critical to the ongoing success and growth that Oregrown continues to experience.

Kody Reams

Director of Manufacturing and General Production

Drawing from a background in engineering, Kody Reams serves as Oregrown's General Productions Manager. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Oregrown production and engineering. Ultimately responsible for making sure production runs smoothly, Kody serves as the nucleus for the Oregrown Campus.

Chris Yunker

VP of Extractions

Bio Coming Soon...

Taylor Bell

Director of Formulations and Testing

Taylor Bell holds the critical position of Director of Formulations and Testing at Oregrown. She moved to Central Oregon two years ago for world-class skiing, mountain biking and to explore a career in the cannabis industry. This is when she fell in love with the Oregrown brand and ethos. Having graduated with honors from the University of Washington, Taylor draws from her education in many ways when it comes to her role with the company. Taylor personally manages all post-processing and formulations of various extracts and product lines. She is further in charge of monitoring and maintaining inventory for production planning and product releases for the entire organization. In addition, she is responsible for submitting all state-mandated testing and is deeply involved in the implementation of new processes for compliance across all departments. Taylor continues to lead by example as she helps propel Oregrown forward at a rocket pace.

William Taylor

Director of Cultivation

William H. B. Taylor has always been a focused, dedicated and loyal person. When he wants to learn a sport, technique or art form, it’s only a matter of time before he masters it. William moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Bend, Oregon when he was 18. Knowing no one in Bend, he brought with him his drive and focus as well as the confidence to pursue his passion. The rest was history. When he found Oregrown, he knew it was the right place for him; and since day one, he has been with the Oregrown army and has worked every position possible. Starting as a budtender, he has gone from packaging and trimming to stacking content for our Media Arts division to an Oregrown shop Supervisor. He has mastered the product photograph for our website and has devoted himself and his talents as the new Senior Cultivator for Oregrown.

Riley Ruano

Director of Marketing

Riley Ruano is an ambitious creative, whose role as Director of Marketing at Oregrown was acquired due to his contributions to both the Wholesale and Retail divisions. He has a bachelor's degree in Studio Art with an Emphasis in graphic design, which allows him to pull inspiration and technical ability to the forefront of his work. With a passion for outdoor activities and experience in the action sports industry, he is able to maintain a fresh aesthetic while keeping the companies image on brand. His easy-going personality lets him excel in professional settings whether it be with fellow employees or peers.

Ryan Alston

Packaging and Distribution Manager

Maintaining a critical position for the company, Ryan Alston is Oregrown’s Manager of Packaging and Distribution, overseeing the entire wholesale division and distribution network. Ryan’s intense attention to detail, coupled with his ability to multi-task, continues to play an integral in the organization’s success. With a clear focus, Ryan manages multiple facets and divisions throughout the day. He has an extensive background in cannabis knowledge, spanning back to the original medical days where he established a strong foundation within this industry. Like many others within the company, he enjoys spending time outside and soaking up the beautiful landscape of Central Oregon. Ryan is an exemplary member of the Oregrown Team.

Max Caploe

Senior Sales Representative

Max Caploe is the Senior Sales Manager of Oregrown Industries. With a background in business and a Management degree from Indiana University, Max moved to become a part of the emerging cannabis industry. With over 9 years of experience, Max has worked at every level of the cannabis industry, allowing him to draw from his vast experience to provide the quintessential brand experience.

Jonny Sischo

Director of Retail

Jonny Sischo holds the critical position of Director of Retail for Oregrown. Jonny has a diverse background in leadership, coaching and mentoring which has helped transition perfectly into his role with the organization, where management and oversight of mission-critical, compliant-forward tasks need to be delegated and completed daily. Jonny’s passion for cannabis and the outdoors mesh perfectly with our Oregrown brand ethos. His retail and business background has flourished through each of his ventures and his career experience as a whole has molded him into the well rounded, consistent and dedicated Oregrown team member that he is. You can find Jonny taking advantage of the natural playground we live in here in Oregon, -- snowboarding, surfing, skating, riding bikes -- or, most importantly, keeping a watchful eye on all things Oregrown Retail.

Hobey Weston

Retail Supervisor | Bend

Born and raised in Warren, VT Hobey Weston moved to Bend just a few weeks after his 21st birthday. Having grown up in the ski industry he has a natural love for the mountains and outdoors which brought him to Central Oregon. With skiing and cannabis as his passions, he began working at the Bend Retail Flagship Dispensary in early 2017 as the retail store’s first delivery driver. Retail sales and interacting with customers and patients came naturally to Hobey -- who grew up in his family ski shop where he learned to be personable with patrons -- as did consistent, hard work and clear communication. Over the next two years, Hobey honed his skills and cannabis knowledge and rose up through the company ranks to the position of Retail Supervisor and Weekend Manager. Over the past few years, his passion and his career have merged into one. He has fallen in love with the Oregon recreational cannabis industry and worked hard to make a name for himself within Oregrown and the greater industry as a whole. Weston was voted Best Budtender in all of Central Oregon by The Source Weekly readers in 2019. He will also be featured as one of the “Top 25 Best Budtenders in America” in the December 2019 issue of Green Entrepreneur Magazine. He enjoys spending his free time on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor in the winter and out in nature with his dog and some good cannabis.

Dusty Newman

Retail Supervisor | Bend

Dusty Newman is a Retail Supervisor at our Bend Flagship Retail location. He grew up in Humboldt County and relocated to Bend, Oregon in 2004. With an education in forestry from Central Oregon Community College, Dusty continued to explore the industry by working on a cannabis farm back in Humboldt County. Dusty started off as a loyal medical patient of Oregrown’s, until he joined the team in 2015, where he consistently flourished as one of the flagship store’s top budtenders and sales associates. His strengths in genuine customer service and building relationships have helped our customers receive the one-on-one experience that Oregrown is known for. Dusty also worked as a Sales Representative for Oregrown Wholesale and was responsible for opening wholesale accounts across the entire State of Oregon. Dusty truly cares about our patients and customers and is committed to helping each and every one of them find exactly what they need. Having filled multiple positions over his time with the company, Dusty currently thrives as one of our top supervisors at our hometown Bend Flagship Retail Store.

Brittni Neves

Head of House | Bend

Brittni was born in California but relocated to Texas briefly before eventually finding her place in beautiful Bend, OR. Slowly experimenting with cannabis for the first time at 22 years old she found herself infatuated with everything the plant had to offer. Brittni dove headfirst into the industry, joining the Oregrown Team in 2018, starting as a budtender and working her way up to become the Head of House. In her current role, Brittni’s main focus is keeping all retail customers happy. As the first face our customers see when they walk in the door, her infectious energy and consistent, positive outlook brightens up our stores on a daily basis. Brittni is also responsible for setting protocols in place for checking the ID cards of incoming patrons, keeping the lobby neat and stocked, as well as updating the online menus with current products, exceptional photos, and a description for each item. Brittni’s own love for the company and infatuation with the Oregrown brand creates an intense passion that shines through in her work.

Mackenzie Grissom

General Manager | Portland

Mackenzie is the General Manager of Oregrown’s largest Retail Store, in the beautiful City of Roses, Portland, Oregon. She was born and raised in her hometown of Jonesboro, AR, and graduated from Arkansas State University in 2011 with a BS in Marketing Management. No chances of recreational cannabis in the South at the time led her to set out West. First stop, Fort Collins, CO in 2016. Mackenzie got her first cannabis position at a dispensary that prides itself on being the “first in the nation” for recreational sales. Eventually, she set her sights on further West and moved to Portland, OR in 2018. Mackenzie is in charge of making sure all operations run smoothly at the company’s largest retail store. Whether it be overseeing vendor relations, managing key personnel or acting as HR, she is well versed in wearing many hats and handles complex projects with ease. Stop by and say hi to Mackenzie at the Portland, Oregrown Flagship!

Beth Neuer

General Manager | Cannon Beach

Elisabeth (Beth) Neuer holds the critical position of General Manager of the Cannon Beach Retail Store for Oregrown. She moved to Cannon Beach, Oregon from Pennsylvania back in 2017, where she spent years managing a nationally leading winery. With an ongoing set of leadership and management skills, her position with Oregrown is a wonderful fit. From wholesale and retail operations to customer service, Beth is an organized operations manager that focuses heavily on user experience and attention to detail. When Beth moved to Oregon she found a true passion, love, and respect for the cannabis industry and the benefits it has with helping people. She jumped headfirst into the industry to gain as much knowledge as possible. Beth is a mother of four children and in her spare time, you can find her on a racetrack or hiking. As a former road racing team manager for 10 years, Beth and her rider took their team to three national ASRA Superstock championships in 2015, 2017 & 2019 all ending in Daytona. Beth is results-driven with a drive for continuous improvement.