General Oregrown FAQ's

Can I buy Oregrown products online? 

Under current Federal and State Law, our cannabis products cannot be shipped. You can purchase at one of our retail locations or an Oregrown retailer near you. Visit our Flagship Retail Store in Bend, Oregon, or locate retailers carrying Oregrown products all over the state with our Oregrown Product Finder.

Do you guys offer home-delivery of your cannabis products?

YES! We offer home-delivery daily from 11am to 6:30pm. Click here to shop our menu and place an order for home-delivery on in-store pickup.

What is your return policy?

We have a no hassle return policy but would love for you to read the FAQ first. If you can’t figure it out feel free to contact us at info@Oregrown.com. We will do our best to fix the situation. If we can’t seem to get your product to work, bring it back to the dispensary where it was purchased and exchange it for another Oregrown cartridge. No questions asked. The Spectrum is backed by a hassle-free exchange and satisfaction program.

Do cartridges/other products “go bad”?

Our products are best when consumed within 2 years of the manufacture date. They will not “go bad”, however they may lose their efficacy over time.

What types of extractions/oils does Oregrown manufacture?

We consider our extractions to be the best in-class. You can learn all about each type of oil/extract that we make by visiting this page.


Questions about the Oregrown 510 Spectrum

Getting Started: Your battery comes partially charged. Charge the battery before use. Push the button five times to turn on/off the battery. The indicator light flashes in red, green or blue when turning off. Turn off when not in use.

Usage: Shift ranges: Turn on the device, push the button three times to shift between three different ranges, which corresponds to different colors of the indicator light. Red: High 4.2V Blue: Medium 3.4V Green: Low 2.7V

Quick Troubleshooting: If your cartridge is having a connectivity issue, your battery will flash red, indicating that there is an issue preventing your vape session. If your batter is too tight, simply do a quick quarter-turn backwards to loosen the connection and it should work great! If the voltage/charge is low, your battery will flash ten times. Charge the battery with the free, included USB charger. Click here to watch some very informative instructional videos that we put together.

Charging: To charge, turn your battery clockwise into the free, included USB charger. DO NOT over-tighten, and plug the USB charger into a USB port. Your battery comes with intelligent power management. The indicator will show you different charging levels. Blue means less then 50% charged, Red means 80% charged. When the Red light flashes 20 times then turns off, your the battery is fully charged.

What is different about your hardware? Why is it better?

Not only is our hardware light years ahead of our competition's, we have gone through extra lengths and layers of quality control to make sure our hardware provides the best user experience on the market. Click here to find out more about the Oregrown Spectrum and what makes our product so unique.

Is the Spectrum Cartridge compatible with other 510 batteries?

Short answer? Yes. Our Oregrown Spectrum cartridge will work with most 510 threaded batteries. However, we strongly encourage using an Oregrown Spectrum Cartridge with our very own Oregrown Spectrum batteries. We have gone through extensive R&D and quality control to ensure usage. We cannot guaranty performance with other batteries.

Is the Spectrum Battery compatible with other 510 batteries?

Yes. The Oregrown Spectrum battery will work with any 510 threaded cartridge currently available on the market.