Alex Kollar

Professional Snowboarder

Born and raised in the luscious Tillamook forest, Alex Kollar has an inbred appreciation for all things green. Running through shrubs and old growth, he is more comfortable with dirty hands and bare feet. Sport and exploration have taken him around the world and eventually led to Bend, Oregon. 

Alex says snowboarding has taught him to pursue what gives him joy.“For years I lapped the park with my friends, accruing skills but also broken bones. Within the last couple seasons, the feeling of untouched and remote powder has taken my heart,” Ales says. “I have found nothing more liberating than climbing a mountain only to fly back down, weightless and mindless.” 

Alex spends his summers mountain biking and traveling, pursuing his dream to travel the world as a professional athlete while advocating for a more sustainable future. He is also planning next winter’s adventures, including filming for a feature length big mountain/backcountry powder movie. Until then, you can catch him working...on his turns.
  Alex Kollar