Low Pressure | 2nd Bend Showing Friday November 2nd!

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This Friday, November 2nd! We’ve got a second Bend showing of Low Pressure! The first-of-its-kind, Oregon-Only Backcountry Snowboard Movie we made with @pete_alport

Presented with an abundant and unlimited supply of untapped locations, the LowPressure crew set its sites on taking both unknown riders as well as household names to explore non-chairlift accessed volcanoes, burned forests, mountain ranges, and other unique landscapes only found in Oregon.

For an entire season, the crew learned what it takes to dedicate an entire season towards a unique project, ride first descents, juggling full-time jobs and battling a ten-week drought that ended with a ten-week storm cycle. Pushing themselves beyond previous experiences, they split boarded hundreds of miles, earned more sunrises than they thought possible and produced incredible footage.

From 6pm-8:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church (stunning venue). $10 at the door. Net proceeds go to charity. 

61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend, OR 97703

For more information visit:

LowPressureFilm.com #lowpressurefilm